Deshi (The Breaths), an ethno-jazz duo with roots in north-Bohemian town Ústí nad Labem, presents its instrumental performance tested on the European club scene. The core of their music is communication between didgeridoo and baritone saxophone, underlined by breath beats. Their sound results in a very original mixture, thanks to the choice of instruments as well as through inventive use of percussions, and flows on the verge of jazz, minimalism and world music. The couple remain devoted to an acoustic approach however, free of digital effects.


Jiří Pletánek:
When you listen to Duo Deši through your headphones, they bring you memories that are not just yours. These memories remind you of the World that we return from every day to our shells. You can therefore use Duo Deši to trigger free associations that you can observe in real time – they create images.

Duo Deši are generators of vibrations that have their own shape and life. If you listen through quality loud-speakers, you can receive information with your entire body. How the information is processed by body and mind is individual. It slightly reminds us of one scene described in The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda where Don Juan and Carlos are sitting at the fire, accompanied by a group of people. After a couple of minutes when Don Juan asks them what he’s wearing, everyone answers in astonishment completely differently.

Each of them experienced something different. Similarly, each of you will experience something different when listening to this music.

Duo’s music, or maybe duo’s musical vibrations sound just like you perceive them. If you’re eager for experiences and willing to open yourself, you'll experience stories. Your openness is important here. Without it, you cannot purify yourself from your own tendencies that create chaos in the very transfer of energies-information. Your openness creates the only possible point in the Universe, from which you can partially observe its movement. Analogously, zero is used to solve certain quadratic equations where the whole equation is confronted with zero in a certain (seemingly insoluble) point, thus exposing at least a part of results.

Be creative experimenters. Don’t be just passive listeners. That is all you will invest into listening to Duo Deši. The rest is free.