Deši, two breath, two worlds

This album is our first, after several records we produced our songs, meeting point between clear mathematical structures and deep sound of low frecvences. We recorded it by natural way, together in one time, the structure of the songs is the same like in the concert, some places supports Jiří on the bass. We invited there also guitar player Robert, who helped us to realise many things and enriched our repertoir with his expression. You can listen also light Jakub’s fingers on darbuka. 

Foto: First concert starting this album was in Prague, in theatre Kampa.

Vážení přátelé
Pět psů
Líbezná pohřební
Kruh /R. Rambousek
Peřeje peřeje /R. Rambousek
Emo & Atmo

Eva Žižkovská - baritonsaxophone, clarinet
Lukáš Pilnaj - didgeridoo

Robert Rambousek - guitar
Jiří Pletánek - bass
Jakub Rochovanský - darbuka, vocal

Production, Rec-Mix-Mastering: Jiří Pletánek
Recorded: Pavouk Records Studio
Design: Eva Žižkovská
Released by Deši, Merboltice 2011