Mix with 8 inputs xlr, 1 line, fantom power, equalizer, compressor. 8 cabels, 2 power points, stands (2x 130cm, 1x 50cm)

Didgeridoo player

  • didgeridoo: instrumental mic (shure 57)
  • voice: own headset condenser microphone with perception wireless instrumental set. Require power point 
  • pumpkin drum set: DI box
  • flute: clip microphone, with effect. Require power point
  • sampler: line



  • barythonsaxophone: 1 clip mic Shure beta HC 95 (condence mic), need fantom, compresor, equalizer
  • cajon percussion: 1 bass kick-drum mic. Need stand tall 50cm.
  • clarinet: instrumental microphone on stand tall 130
  • vocal: vocal mic on stand tall 130


We need roadie, one or two.

Stage space required: 3 x 2,5 m

Artificial light

contact for tech. inquries: Lukas Pilnaj,, +420 777 677 419



Download available on: